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Charts using Excel Services


We are going to see how to display charts using Excel Services in MOSS 2007.

1. Create a ‘Report Library’ to store the excel spreadsheets eg., http://MossServer/Sales/CustomReports


where,Sales is the subsite. CustomReports is the Report Library.

2. Add the Report Library location as trusted location. To do this,
Central Administration ->Shared Services Administration: SharedServices1 > Excel Services Trusted File Locations 

3. Ensure that,

   a. Excel Calculation Service is running (Central Administration > Operations >Services on Server)
   b. OfficeServerApplicationPool is running (IIS -> <Local Computer> ->Application Pools)
   c. Check the dafault SSP and the associaltions (Central Administration >  Application Management > Manage this Farm’s Shared Services) 

4. Now, create a excel file (I’ve used Excel 2007) with charts. 

5. Publish the excel file to the Report Library created in step 1. 

6. Create a Excel Web Access webpart. Browse and set the excel spread as Workbook. Set the Chart 1 as Named Item. 

Thats all!!! 

Your charts are displayed as shown below,



JG Vimalan


July 31, 2009 - Posted by | SharePoint

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