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People Editor in custom webpart in MOSS 2007


The following code snippet shows how to add PeopleEditor control in custom sharepoint webpart. It also shows how to read values from people editor. 

    public class EmployeeDetails : WebPart
        #region declarations
        PeopleEditor _DisplayName = null;
         . . .
        //In the business logic, use this method to get the user selected in the
        //people editor
        private SPUser GetuserName(PeopleEditor userName, SPWeb web)
            SPUser user = null;

            foreach (PickerEntity pe in userName.Entities)
                user = web.AllUsers[pe.Key];
            return user;
    protected override void CreateChildControls()
         . . .
            TableRow EmployeeName = new TableRow();

            TableCell EmployeeNameLabel = new TableCell();
            TableCell EmployeeNameControl = new TableCell();
            EmployeeNameLabel.Text = “Employee Name:”;

            EmployeeNameLabel.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Right;
            EmployeeNameLabel.CssClass = “ms-formlabel”;
            _DisplayName = new PeopleEditor();
            _DisplayName.AllowTypeIn = true;
            _DisplayName.AllowEmpty = false;
            _DisplayName.EnableBrowse = true;
            _DisplayName.ID = “peopleID”;
            _DisplayName.MultiSelect = false;
            _DisplayName.ValidatorEnabled = true;

            EmployeeNameControl.CssClass = “ms-formbody”;

     //TO DO: Render the controls 


Once this webpart is deployed, you will get output as shown below,


Happy Coding!!!

JG Vimalan


August 11, 2009 - Posted by | SharePoint

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