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Creating custom events in C#

Mostly in Winforms application, we may need custom events.

By using custom events, we can perform specific action whenever need in the application. 

To create a custom events, follow these steps. 

Let us assume you have 2 classes, a.cs and b.cs. 

a.cs has a method say Display() which needs to be invoked by raising an user defined event from b.cs. 

Create event, delegate and raise them where ever necessay as shown in class b.cs 

class b{ 

  public Delegate void DelegateMyEvent;

  public event DelegateMyEvent MyEvent; 



     If (MyEvent != null) //Check for null before raising it.



Create a method in a.cs and attach it the event declared in class b.cs as follows: 

class a{

    private b obj = null; 


    public a ()    {

          obj = new b();

          obj.MyEvent += new DelegateMyEvent(Display); //Handle the event.


     private void Display()     {

          MessageBox.Show(“Working with custom events!!!”);


So, whenever the needed in class b, raise the custom event and the Display() method in class a is invoked. This custom event is very useful when a complex winforms application is created.


October 9, 2009 - Posted by | C#.NET

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