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Sharing on MySpace from a .NET Application

In this post, I am going to discuss the possible ways to share information on myspace from a .NET application.

Sharing on myspace:

Myspace suggested the following method to share information on myspace from any other application.

The following screenshot shows that, a sample web application is sharing the ‘title’ and ‘content’ values to myspace.

Upon clicking the ‘share’ button, the values on ‘title’ and ‘content’ is passed as a query string value in the url provided by myspace,


here, t = title, c = content, u = url of the page, l = location 

So, resulting url will be as follows, 

http://www.myspace.com/Modules/PostTo/Pages/?t=Sample Title&c=Sample Content&u=http://localhost:51275/Default.aspx&l=#pm_cmp=shr_ShareContent_File 

This will take the user to the myspace share preview page as shown below,


Here, the user will be able to preview the content which is going to be shared in myspace. 

On clicking the ‘Share’ button in this page, a confirmation message will be displayed as shown below,

Now, the shared information is available in the myspace as shown below,

The following url’s takes to the webpage which explains sharing on myspace.



Sharing on myspace using API

The myspace .NET SDK is available in the following location,


It is observed that, there is a branch released on 2009 and a trunk version which is under development.

  1. The branch version does not have API’s to  add stream, activity, album, photo programmatically.
  2. The branch version pulls data from the myspace and it works perfectly as shown below,

  1. The trunk version exposed the API’s to programmatically add activities, album, and photos in myspace.
  2. Activities can be added by creating templates. The templates can be added in the application accessing myspace. It is found in the following url,


Upon clicking the ‘Manage templates for raising activities’, the option for creating new templates and the existing templates are displayed as shown below,

The templates serve as a location for sharing the information in myspace. But, whenever new information is added in the template via API, its existing values are overwritten.

The API allows adding new videos in the myspace. But, it does not allow sharing the url of the video rather, it allows to upload the entire video file.


October 14, 2010 - Posted by | ASP.NET, C#.NET

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