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Set hotkey for buttons in XAML application at runtime

I got a task where I need to set hotkeys for the buttons generated based on the records displayed in a grid. Each record displayed in the grid will have a button. The first record which have a button whose shortcut key will be “shift 0”.  Similarly, for every records displayed, a button will be  created whose hotkey will be “shift 1, shift 2… upto shift 9 respectively. So, when the user presses shift 1, the corresponding button’s click event will be invoked. To achieve this, follow the steps given below,

a. Add a string array as shown below in your application. Here, I am using a XAML application for performing this example.

string[] appShiftKey = new string[10] { “)”, “!”, “@”, “#”, “$”, “%”, “?”, “&”, “*”, “(” };

These symbols are available in the keyboard and they were ordered to represent the numbers 0,1, 2, 3..  9 in the keyborad.

b. In the XAML button control, use the content property to set the hotkey.

public string myButtonHotKey
            get { return submitButton.Content.ToString(); }
            set { submitButton.Content = value; }

c. In the code, set the hotkey while iterating throught the records. Limit the record display to 10 in the grid to achieve this fuctionality.

myButtonHotKey = string.Format(“_{0}”, appController.appShiftKey[itemIndex])}

d. The outcome will be as follows, when you click the respective hotkeys, the buttons click event will fire and you can perform desired acition in that event.


November 14, 2010 - Posted by | XAML

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