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Re-distribute Oracle dll’s to Production/Client system via .NET setup application

I got a client requirement where a .NET setup has to be installed in several users system. This .NET setup installs a console application which connects to Oracle database and performs some action. In development environment, we have installed Oracle 11g client and it is must for connecting to Oracle database. But, it is not possible to request users, who are going to use the application to install Oracle client software in their system. So, I decided to re-distribute necessary Oracle dll’s to every user’s systems via the .NET setup project. By this way, user’s are no longer required to install Oracle client in their system to connect to Oracle database. Inorder to achieve that,

Add the following Oracle dll’s in the .NET setup project’s ‘Application Folder’.


I got the above dll’s from my development system where I have installed Oracle 11g client. The dll’s will be available under the “product\11.2.0\client_1” location in Oracle installation directory. After adding the dll’s, your setup project will look as shown below,

Thats all. Now, install the .NET setup in any user’s system and you will find that, the necessary oracle dll’s are copied to the installation directory and your application is able to connect to target Oracle database, even without the Oracle client installed.


April 1, 2011 Posted by | .NET Installer, Oracle | 6 Comments